Optimisation Intelligence for Operations Planning

Customer Satisfaction

Focus on your core business and meet customers expectations promptly

Optimisation Intelligence for Operations Planning


Empower your team with an expert and reliable decision support system

Optimisation Intelligence for Operations Planning

Productivity Increase

Save resources and cut operating costs

Optimisation Intelligence for Operations Planning

New Business Models

Develop your business with new services


Optimizing Operations with cutting-edge Technology
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Vehicle Routing
  • Last-mile pick-up-and-delivery
  • Freight consolidation and shipment pooling
  • Waste collection
  • Maintenance routing
  • Routing of sales representatives
  • Multipassenger on-demand transportation
  • Operations Planning
  • Scheduling of scarce resources
  • Time-tabling of staff
  • Production planning
  • Network design (Transport ; Supply ; Telecom)
  • Managing random events (Stochastic & Robust optimisation)
  • Why Atoptima ?

    Unrivaled Results

    Complex constraints
    Stop being limited by existing softwares capabilities: we can tailor our solutions to any specific complex constraints
    Dynamic optimisation
    Online re-optimisation consistent with the back-bone tactical planning
    Global optimisation
    Combining connected challenges: routing & planning; employee time-tabling; 3D packing; inventory management; cross-docking synchronization…

    Reliable Technology

    We combine our modules to tailor a solution to your specific application
    We promptly achieve state-of-the art results on your problem
    Our softwares are based on open-source code that we develop with the academic community


    Tailored solutions, from conception to integration

    • Co-Innovation

      We contribute to design your innovations
      We create with you a service at the cutting-edge
      We build strong competitive advantages and sustainable assets for your company
    • Mathematical Modeling

      We grasp your problem in mathematical terms
      We prototype the solution approach using Combinatorial Optimisation
      We validade the model for your application
    • Algorithms

      We tune our software tools to deliver the highest performance in your business
      We develop new ad-hoc methods for your specific problem
      We validate our algorithms on your data sets
    • Software Modules

      We design in advance generic applications that can be adapted to any specific business case
      Atoptima drives an ambitious Open-Source project reflecting the state-of-the-art of combinatorial optimisation methodologies ; guaranteeing strong bases and making maintenability easier
      By associating intelligently our private modules with these Open-Source methodologies we can deliver performance that cannot be matched by the competition
    • Integration

      We integrate this software intelligence in your information system
      We provide cloud solutions to keep it agile
      We develop simple communication protocols


    Feasibility study
    We enable you to evaluate the scope for productivity improvement using our planning tools
    Optimisation tools customisation
    We build your expert system by customising our tools
    Conception of Innovations
    We contribute to create your new services in synergy with novel optimisation capabilities

    About Atoptima

    Software-As-A-Service for planning applications in a dynamic context

    Our Mission

    Atoptima is a software intelligence company in decision analytics, aiming to offer best-in-class mathematical optimisation to the corporate world. To achieve this goal, we develop softwares in the domain of mobility, vehicle routing, and more generally operations planning.

    We support our partners in conceiving their innovations by offering them the state-of-the-art expertise of dynamic optimisation and algorithmic strategy via tailored software modules.

    Our services range from expert consulting in optimisation intelligence to tailored software products (SaaS).

    Put in practice 25+ years of cutting-edge Research technology

    Our Identity

    We strive to combine the excellence of Research with the agility of the Software-As-A-Service.

    Atoptima comes from one of the best Research teams worldwide in heuristic and exact optimisation methodologies.

    We drive an ambitious Open-Source project contributing to the development of generic optimisation methodologies, on which our SaaS is built.

    Sustainable operations thanks to powerful technologies

    Our Vision

    We are driven by the impact of optimisation: the intelligence to do more while consuming less. We are enthusiastic about being your guidance into making it happen with the technology.

    In a period of environmental challenges, scarcity of resources, demographic growth and rising demand of mobility, we strongly believe that optimisation is the only way to sustainable mobility & operational performance; while guaranteeing to our partners a significant competitive advantage that is hard to reproduce (strong technological barriers to entry).




    François is leading the Research & Development. He graduated in Operations Research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and did his PhD at the University of Louvain (UCL). He was Lecturer at the University of Cambridge in Engineering and later became full professor at the University of Bordeaux. He founded the research team in Combinatorial Optimisation at Inria Bordeaux, which he headed for 12 years.



    Adrien is the head of business development and operations. Passionate about entrepreneurship, he graduated in Strategy and Finance from emlyon business school and in International Affairs from Sciences Po. He has experience in e-commerce (Amazon EU headquarters & Cdiscount) and supply chain.



    Vitor is the head of product development. He graduated in Industrial Engineering from the Universidade Federal da Paraíba (Brazil) and in Operations Research from the University of Bordeaux. Following which, he was enrolled in the Inria research team in Combinatorial Optimisation at the University of Bordeaux.