Optimisation Intelligence for Operations Planning

Productivity Increase

You need less resources and use your full fleet capacity

Optimisation Intelligence for Operations Planning


Decision aid tools enhance the performance of your planning experts

Optimisation Intelligence for Operations Planning

Agile Reactivity

You can quickly reschedule a solution design to be robust to random events

Optimisation Intelligence for Operations Planning

Customer Satisfaction

You meet customer expectations promptly, including their special requests

Our Scope

Custom-made solutions, from conception to integration

  • Co-Innovation

    We contribute to design your innovations
    We create with you a service at the cutting-edge
    We build strong competitive advantages and sustainable assets for your company
  • Mathematical Modeling

    We grasp your problem in mathematical terms
    We prototype the solution approach using Combinatorial Optimisation
    We validade the model for your application
  • Algorithms

    We tune our software tools for high performance in your business
    We develop new ad-hoc methods for your specific problem
    We validate our algorithms on your data sets
  • Software Modules

    We build high level applications on top of our generic software tools
    Open-source modules: guarantees strong bases and eases maintenability
    Private code modules: Delivering performance not matched by the concurrence
  • Integration

    We integrate this software intelligence in your information system
    We provide cloud solutions to keep it agile
    We develop simple communication protocols


Dynamic routing
Optimise the operations of your fleet in a dynamic context using a back-bone tactical planning and online reoptimisation
Scheduling & Time-Tabling
Organise the work of human or machine resources in order to optimise their productivity
Define the best way to pack objects inside containers and compartments to optimise the use of space
Transhipment Hub
Locate intermediate depot for multi-echelon deliveries; synchronize downloading and uplaoding operations; and assign vehicles on Cross-docking platforms


Feasibility study
Size the room for improvement of your productivity using dynamic optimisation of your operations
Optimisation tools customisation
Customize your optimisation tools to build an expert system
Innovation conception
Create a service in synergy with optimisation capabilities

About Atoptima

Software-As-A-Service for mobility applications in a dynamic context

Our Mission

Atoptima is a software intelligence company in decision analytics, developing softwares in the domain of mobility, vehicle routing, and more generally operations planning.

With a strong expertise in vehicle routing optimisation, we provide advanced support on further issues such as dynamic planning, time-tabling, packing, cross-docking, and pricing…

Our service includes both expert consulting in optimisation intelligence and customized software products (SaaS)

Put in practice 25+ years of cutting-edge research technology

Our Strengths

25-years Research background in heuristic and exact optimisation methodologies

We drive an Open Source project with generic optimisation methodologies serving our SaaS

Strong and long-term competitive advantage to our partners by accounting for their complex constraints in our algorithms

Vision for the long term: Sustainable mobility thanks to powerfull technologies

Our Vision

Passionate about the impact of optimisation: the intelligence to do more while consuming less, we are enthousiastic to be your guidance into making it happen with the technology

In a period of environmental challenges, resource scarcity and rising demand of mobility, we strongly believe that optimisation is the only way to sustainable mobility; while guaranteeing to our partners a competitive advantage that is hard to reproduce (strong technological barriers to entry)

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