Your vehicle routing strategies and management rules by simulation

The scope for improvement in managing your vehicle fleet efficiently

Among many feasible options what is your best routing solution

Your routing decision process with optimization intelligence software

About atoptima

Atoptima accompanies the digital transformation of entreprises by building customized optimization software for more efficient routing.

  • Relying on strong expertise in mathematical optimization, we provide advanced support in optimization deployment
  • Accounting for complex constraints such as battery charge, sequenced deliveries, intermediate cleaning, product conflicts, and multiple time windows.
  • The optimization engine we developed is released under an open-source license. It is continuously improved by international research teams.
  • Real-time optimization for rapidly adapting to operational dynamic events
  • Standardized interfaces allow easy integration to existing information systems.

Our Services


Solving complex vehicle routing problems using mathematical optimization.


We translate the mathematical methods into software tools. We release our backbone software in open-source, improving them with the community.

KPI visualization

Simulating the impact of design choices and managment rules allows you to make informed strategic decisons.

Fast prototyping

Prototyping allows to check quickly the expected value of an optimization project.

Scenario simulation

Simulating over many scenarios helps predicting possible issues before they occur.

Responsive Support

When using any of our software we'll make sure you get the very responsive support.


Adrien Duruisseau


Fran├žois Vanderbeck




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